UFC 142′s Prater – Silva Bout: A Fabulous Disaster!

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Erick Silva was DQ'd at UFC 142, but his career trajectory soared!

OK, so did you bet on Carlo Prater to win over Erick Silva at this past weekend’s UFC 142 event in Brazil?  If you did, you can go ahead and collect your money, despite the fact that the UFC may eventually reverse this decision.  And if they do reverse it, and you bet Erick Silva, chalk it up to a lesson learned, the sportsbooks are under no obligation to pay out anything but the in ring decision.  That is as it should be, but still it sucks for those of you who put money on the line.

This match will serve as a very interesting precedent for the UFC.   Dana White is on record recommending that Silva go ahead and file a protest against referee Mario Yamasaki’s in ring decision to disqualify him.

But who is this protest to be filed with?  In the USA, the state’s Boxing Commission or Athletic Control Board would treceive the complaint, and issue a ruling.  With no regulatory body overseeing the event, the UFC is left to police themselves.  They have Mark Ratner, a former commissioner on Nevada’s commission, to review these issues, and being a man held in high regard throughout the boxing/MMA industry, one would expect Ratner to do the right thing.  But with commentator Joe Rogan questioning the decision, and President White’s statements, can Ratner really not reverse the decision?

I’ve reviewed the fight over a dozen times, and it does look like Yamasaki made a mistake – few if any of the questionable punches were in fact illegal.  So this brings up the question – if the ref had not percieved them as illegal, would he have stopped the fight to save Prater?  That is doubtful.

OK to be clear, the bettor is stuck getting paid or losing money based on the in ring decision.  None of the reversals or changes that may happen in the coming days affect the betting, and the books are under no obligation to change the payouts.  But forget about that, those policies are set in stone and if your complaining about that, then you need to read the small print – it’s been book policy on prizefights since before MMA.

But what is ratner going to do?  Does he report to Dana?  Did he listen to the Rogan live telecast and can he remain unbiased?

If this was up to me, this would be a No Contest and a rematch would be scheduled ASAP.  Yamasaki has enough experience that his career should aloow for this error.  But both fighters deserve a re-start.  Nothing was really decided in the 29 seconds of action, and both men deserve a chance to re do this mess.






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