UFC 143 Adds Josh Koschek vs Carlos Condit!

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Does anyone really want to see Koscheck - GSP 3? Just the possibility makes me sick... Pic is from SHERDOG.

So the Super Bowl weekend UFC, scheduled for February 4th in Las Vegas, Nevada is where we will see Carlos Condit next.  The UFC announced today at a presser for UFC 138 that Condit was signed to face Josh Koschek in a title eliminator bout on the undercard of the much awaited  Georges St Pierre versus Nick Diaz bout.  How do you think Carlos Condit feels right about now?

It’s OK to wait until February for the title shot, but there isn’t a spot on one of the big December cards so he can get a match out of the way?  So let’s look at this match…

To me, I’m just going to have to see it in the ring to pick a winner.  Both guys are very different, but I can see ways both guys can win.  It’s a very even fight.

So this is where I get confused.  Does anyone else think the UFC is mistreating Condit a bit?  As a fighter, Condit isn’t going to turn down a fight.  And I’m sure they are promising him big exposore on that Super Bowl card.  And from the UFC’s perspective you find out about Condit’s ‘grace under pressure’.  Can he handle stress?

So let’s say Koscheck wins, and GSP defends against Diaz.  Does the average MMA enthusiast really want to see GSP versus Koscheck for a third time?  If your going to retread opponents for GSP, Jon Fitch is clearly more deserving than Koschek.

This is what I would have done – Jake Ellenberger versus Carlos Condit, on the December 30th card supporting Lesnar-Overeem.  At least it is two guys who have never faced GSP before, and the winner would be deserving of a title shot.

As for Koschek, I would keep him active as well, and let’s say GSP loses to Nick Diaz, well then I would like a GSP versus Koschek 3.  The fight would have more meaning if GSP were trying to get back on his horse after a loss.

Another reason a Koschek victory is unappealing is the other scenario, the one that leads to Koscheck versus Nick Diaz (that is, if Diaz beats GSP, we get Koschek vs Diaz).  That match is not more appealing than Ellenberger or Condit taking on either GSP or Diaz.  The fact is that Koschek is miscast here as a contender.  As good as he is, he looks to have peaked and I’m not sure he is all that much of a draw, most people don’t like him.

So the UFC has made a solid, near pick em match in my book, and the shockwaves after the bout could affect the welterweight division for at least the 2012 calendar year.  Here is to hoping Carlos wins!

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