UFC 143 Betting Picks: Nelson vs Werdum and Koscheck vs Pierce

UFC 143 Betting Picks Nelson vs Werdum and Koscheck vs Pierce

UFC 143: Diaz vs Condit takes place this Saturday right before the Super Bowl. It will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada at 7pm ET from the Mandalay Bay Events Center. If you’re feeling the betting bug and want to lay down some money on MMA in case your NFL picks go south, then pay attention to these UFC betting picks below:

Roy “Big Country” Nelson (17-6-0) vs Fabricio “Vai Cavalo” Werdum (14-5-1)

Roy will be coming in the heavier of the two, surprise surprise. Big Country usually has the advantage on the floor due to his stellar ground game and the way he can pin opponents down with his body weight. I don’t think that tactic will fly well with Fabricio as the Brazilian, like Nelson, has never been submitted. If Werdum gets taken down he will know how to defend or counter, although it will be more exhausting trying to sweep or scramble out from under Nelson.

The MMA odds are close but I have to give the advantage to Fabricio Werdum as he has had bigger fights and better wins against tougher opponents than Roy Nelson has. Here are the BetDSI UFC betting odds on this match:


Josh “Kos” Koscheck (18-5-0) vs Mike Pierce (13-4-0)

Mike Pierce has been used as a stepping stone for two fighters ranked in the Top 10 Welterweight Rankings: Jon Fitch and Johny Hendricks. This Saturday will be no different when he faces #5 ranked Josh Koscheck.

Both fighters have a NCAA Division I Wrestling pedigree but Kos is clearly the more decorated. Josh also has a Brown Belt in BJJ and mad ground skills so he will have the advantage on the floor. Both fighters are 4/5 in their most recent matches but Kos touched gloves with the likes of Anthony Johnson, Paul Daley, Georges St-Pierre and Matt Hughes respectively. Mike Pierce might be the stronger of the two, and has never been KO’d or submitted, but Kos is the all around better fighter.

This fight is a no brainer regarding who to bet on. Go with Kos all the way; it’s very rare for him to lose to a fighter not ranked in the top ten of his weight class. Check out the BetDSI UFC Betting Odds on this match, he is the big favorite:


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