UFC 143 Betting Props At BetDSI Sportsbook: Carlos Condit Vs Nick Diaz Fight Outcome

UFC 143 Betting Props At BetDSI Sportsbook: Carlos Condit Vs Nick Diaz Fight Outcome

Tomorrow Saturday February 24th UFC 143 kicks off and BetDSI Sportsbooks offers great lines on MMA Betting Props on the Carlos Condit vs Nick Diaz matchup. A popular method of wagering with MMA Betting Props is to make two wagers on how you believe each fighters most likely way to win the fight. For instance I believe Carlos Condits only chance of defeating Nick Diaz is by way of KO or TKO ( more into this in a moment) which BetDSI live line currently has at +305 while Nick Diaz I believe will win one of two ways by TKO at +250 or submission +325.

Lets analyse Nick Diaz string of wins which is currently at 11 consecutive victories since 2008. Six of those victories came via TKO as Diaz loves to pile on punches in bunches with the most technical boxing MMA has ever seen. In the same span of fights Diaz won 3 via submission and 2 by way of decision, however he probably would have finished BJ Penn had the fight of gone 5 rounds like his fight with Condit is scheduled for, as Penn was a walking mess by the end of the fight.

Now Carlos Condit is no joke either he has been dominant as of late winning 12 out of 13 of his last fights, and knocking out his last three opponents. Condit has won via knockout in 6 out of those 13 fights and submitted 5 of his opponents however his last one was in 2008 coupled with the fact Diaz holds a Black Belt in Gracie BJJ it is highly unlikely Condit will submit Diaz. Also I believe Nick has greater endurance should this fight go in the deep rounds his punches could really start creating some visible damage and realy start to bother Condit who has never been knocked out in his career.

The cappers at BetDSI feel this fight will go the distance as that line is the lowest at +145 with the fight ending in the first round the highest at +325. To me with the amount of finishes these two exciting fighters have to their credit in their last few fights alone my bet is that this fight does not go the distance. So take advantage of the great MMA betting props at BetDSI Sportsbook and remember.

“ It is only a game until you bet it ! “

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