UFC 145 Betting Picks: Jon Jones vs Rashad Evans

UFC 145 will host one of the most highly anticipated light heavyweight grudge matches in MMA history: Jon Jones vs Rashad Evans. These two fighters used to be friends and training partners, now they want nothing more than to pummel each other and prove once and for all who the best UFC light heavyweight is.

A tornado of tension between Jon and Rashad developed after Evans got injured and Jones was chosen to take his place for the title fight against Shogun Rua at UFC 128. Rashad was still the next in line to fight for the title so their brotherly bond was officially broken. To make things worse for Rashad, he had a falling out with his training camp and was recently divorced from his college sweetheart. Now Evans wants to show the world he can overcome all adversity and when back his belt.

Let’s check out the BetDSI Sportsbook UFC betting odds on this fight:


Some fight fans were expecting that the odds be a bit closer as Rashad is a real threat. Not only is he one of the quickest light heavyweights with KO, he is a great wrestler. Rashad Evans has landed more takedowns than any light heavyweight in UFC history. Furthermore, no opponent knows Jones better than Rashad as they trained together for a while at Jackson’s MMA.

Evans should be able to score points via takedowns but it will be hard for him to seriously damage Jones on the floor because Jones has a great ground game. Jones already knows that Rashad will try to fight on the inside which means he will be ready for dirty boxing, elbows and knees. Jones will counter by pushing away and striking on the outside.

I can speculate all day on how this fight is going to go so let’s just look at some facts. Jones has finished his last 6 opponents and the last three were within the top 10 light heavyweight rankings. Although Rashad is on a 4 win streak, he only finished 1 of those opponents. Based on the before mentioned and how Jones is so versatile and progresses so much after each fight, I have to give this fight to Jon Jones. But there is no doubt that it’s Rashad who wants and needs this fight more. Evans is motivated by so much surrounding this fight and his personal life. There’s a definite chance he will use that fuel to create an upset.

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