UFC 146 – Junior Dos Santos Gets Frank Mir!

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Will Frank Mir be in top form for this matchup with Junior Dos Santos?

So it comes to this?  The UFC has replaced Alistair Overeem with Frank Mir in the main event of UFC 146.  This means that former champion Frank Mir gets a crack at the title again, as he face Junior Dos Santos for the UFC Heavyweight title, and not Alistair Overeem, he of the perhaps tainted horsemeat.  The match really is not nearly as appealing as Overeem, and I look for Dos Santos to come in a big favorite when the line is released.

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This also leaves the man Dos Santos beat for the title, Cain Velasquez, without an immediate opponent, as he was scheduled to fight Mir.  The UFC has promised to deliver Velasquez as well, and they have stated that Fabrizio Werdum,who is one of the few heavyweights on the roster without a fight scheduled, will not be Mir’s opponent.

Probably in Mir, the UFC has taken the safest possible option.  Velasquez to rematch Dos Santos would have made sense, and also been more intriguing, but the UFC gave the shot to Mir.

The knock on Mir is that he ‘bends’.  In other words, he sort of gives up or mentally gives in when faced with an opponent who is rugged and stays in his face, like Brock Lesnar did the second time around, or like against Shane Carwin.

It is unlikely that Dos Santos will not be in Mir’s face.  Dos Santos is tough and rugged, and if it comes down to two rams battering their heads together, then Dos Santos will take this match easily.

But Mir is big, strong, experienced and skilled at submission.  It will depend which of the Frank Mir’s shows up – the fat, out of shape devourer of baby back ribs and strippers, or the motivated former champion that is going to take this opportunity seriously?  I would like to see Mir come in around 240 to 245 lbs, not at 260 like he has recently.

The UFC have this match to Mir because he is the least of their commodities at Heavyweight.    Put Velasquez in the fight, and he loses it, then they have a few years rehabbing his torn image.  So Mir steps up, but I don’t have a lot of hope of getting a breakthru performance out of Mir.    This one has Dos Santos written all over it.


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