UFC 148: Patrick Cote Replaces Rich Franklin, Takes On Cung Le!

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Patrick Cote must feel like a million bucks getting called back by the UFC!

UFC 148, scheduled for the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas on July 7th, 2012, is a complete card once again, as the UFC announced that former Middleweight contender Patrick Cote of Canada will step in to face off against Cung Le.  Le’s original opponent Rich Franklin steps into the main event of UFC 147 in Brazil against Vanderlei Silva.  From Le’s perspective, Cote may seem a much easier opponent and Le is likely to be installed as the favorite in the fight, but he needs to be careful against Cote as well.

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Back in October of 2008, Cote was battling UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva in the third round of their title fight, and he seemed on top of the world.  Early in the third round, he blew out his knee, and he didn’t fight again for more than a year.   When he returned, 2 quick losses saw him released from the UFC.

Well four straight victories on the small show circuit sees Cote get the call again.

Cung Le returns to the UFC for his yearly fight, as he has fought once a year now for the past 5 years, as he pursues an acting career.

What acting career?  Does pursuing an acting career mean that Cung Le is sitting on his couch staring at the phone, trying to will it to ring?  I can’t find an acting credit anywhere for this guy after 2009, where he had a cup of coffee in a couple of B flicks.  This guy isn’t an actor and he is only a part time fighter.

Ewww wait, he just released ‘Dragon Eyes’ with Jean Claude Van Damme.  Van Damme is 145 years old!  What I want to know about this crappy movie is did he act side by side with Van Damme, or did they use camera trickery and file footage of Van Damme from the archives circa 1988?  Well, he isn’t training to fight.

Cote is a limited fighter, but he is one that hits with bad intentions when he is on, and he can never be accused of not being game.  Cote after all, took a fight against Tito Ortiz while Ortiz was on top on only a few days notice.

Even approaching Van Damme’s age, Cung Le should have the physical advantages of athleticism over Cote, but I don’t think they matter at all in this fight.  Cote has had opportunities in the past, and his career must have taught him the lesson of how limited and fleeting these opportunities can be.  I look for Cote to come in very focused and he is going to take Cung Le out.

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