UFC 148 Picks: Silva vs Sonnen 2 and Griffin vs Ortiz 3

With the amount of recent MMA events you might think fight cards are being spread thin, well, if this event is anything to go by think again, especially as the main event is the long awaited rematch between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen.

The BetDSI odds on this fight are: Silva -255 Vs Sonnen +205

Anderson “The Spider” Silva is a Brazilian with a simply stunning 31-4 record is finally going to give Chael Sonnen his rematch that’s been long talked about, especially by Sonnen.

Anybody who saw the original Silva Vs Sonnen fight will know that Sonnen was just two minutes away from becoming champion, but a miss is a good as a mile and I think Sonnen missed his one and only chance to beat the champion. Silva, of course did what Silva does best, he won!

Sonnen has been talking a great fight ever since, the trouble is fights are won in the cage not in the press.

I don’t think Sonnen’s two recent fights showed enough to suggest he could beat an Anderson Silva who knows what to expect this time around.  Unless Sonnen brings some smart new game plan I think its Silva’s fight all night long.

The other really exciting bout for the veteran MMA fans will be the third installment of Forrest Griffin vs Tito Ortiz – BetDSI have this at Griffin -305 and Ortoz +245.

The record stands at one win each, both via split decision and although I am a big fan of The Huntingdon Beach Bad Boy his recent record suggests a fighter who should have stopped a few years ago. I expect this really will be the final goodbye, I just don’t see him winning and I also don’t see him getting to the end of the fight. Griffin is good value for the win.


My last prediction is for “The Stun Gun” Dong Hyun Kim vs Demian Maia

According to BetDSI – Kim stands at -137 and Maia stands at +107, so expect a close fight.

Both of these fighters go to decision too often for my liking, with Maia’s last seven fights all going to the judges. On paper Maia has a solid 15-4 record, the trouble is the four losses all came in his last nine fights suggesting he is either on a downward spiral or that the quality of opponents is proving very tough at this level.

I cannot really see beyond Kim in this bout, Maia may be tough enough to get to the end of the bout but I just don’t think he can take it away from Kim.

By Alan Devonshire

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