UFC 149 Fallout – Why Did Cheick Kongo Fight Like Scott Ferrozo?

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Cheick Kongo spent the full 3 rounds hugging and clinching and not throwing punches at last weekend's UFC 149.

After this last weekend’s UFC, where French slugger Cheick Kongo took on relative newcomer Shawn Jordan in a heavyweight fight, word emerged that UFC President Dana White was extremely disappointed by the bout.  Kongo and Jordan engaged in a ‘Hugfest not a Slugfest’ type of bout, one in which White shared the blame between both fighters and with referee Yves Lesvigne, who was his usual comatose self.  At least in this fight, Lesvigne’s worthlessness didn’t put anyone in danger.  But the main culprit here is Kongo, who should be cut from his UFC contract because of this performance.

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This was Kongo’s 17th UFC appearance, he has spent the majority of his career and ring time in the UFC Octagon.  Jordan is a tough customer, but he is early in his career and is learning the game of MMA.  In other words, this was an opponent that Kongo outclassed in both experience and skill.

So what if Kongo was supposed to face Antonio Noguiera, only to have him replaced by Shawn Jordan due to injury.   Dropping from a legend to a newcomer is more reason to go in there and work and take your opponent out.

Do you remember Scott Ferrozo?  He was a big puncher with a huge gut who tired easily.  I found myself looking at Kongo’s sculpted physique and wondering why he was gassing out and fighting like he was carrying Scott Ferrozo’s prodigious belly in the fight.

Jordan for his part, is a tough guy who was limited.  But Kongo had reach, and with the few punches that he did throw, he connected, as Jordan is still not up to the nuances of head movement and lateral movement, and also movement.  He tended to just sit there and be punched, and hugged.

Kongo needed to keep his distance and he needed to display his striking on Jordan, who was very hit-able.

Kongo is not a factor in the heavyweight division, and based on this last performance, he should be cut from the roster.  He has burnt all the credit his come from behind win against Pat Barry may have earned him.  Perhaps him and Pat can follow Kong Mo to TnA Wrestling and forma a tag team!


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