Yushin Okami with his fists up - you should not raise your fists unless you are actually going to hurt someone with them.

UFC 150 is in the books, and if it wasn’t for a little bit of controversy and Donald Cerrone, we would be talking about another unbelievably boring UFC on PPV.  UFC President Dana White was relatively tame in the post fight press conference with regards to the judging and referee work compared to times in the past, but the issue is getting to really affect the outcome of matches.  The main thing is without some ‘out of the box’ action, nothing is going to change.  Let’s take a look at some of the Middleweight action, or lack thereof…

First, let’s look at would be 185 lb contender Yushin Okami.  Okami took out Buddy Roberts, a fighter he outclasses in skill and experience, in less than resounding fashion.  Let’s face it – those were not even ‘vicious’ punches to the arms that caused the stoppage.  Roberts was frustrated, he had lost the position battle and was covering up, but he wasn’t remotely hurt.

It is unlikely to happen, but when someone is weakly volume punching trying to get a stoppage, like in this fight – the referee should probably not stop the fight, but rather stand them up for ineffective activity.  Like I said, not likely to happen, but it certainly would have forced Okami to do more.  The activity and damage being done at the end of that fight by Okami is as disgraceful as it is non existent, and giving Roberts a chance after a reset would shake things up.

What Okami did was the equivalent of a ‘soccer’ flop to fool the ref into stopping the fight because of volume punching.  It would have been more effective for Okami to punch the mat near Roberts’ ear, perhaps scaring him with the power and loud slapping sound and getting a tap.

Then, there is the case of Jake Shields, who was coming up to 185 lbs after failing to impress at 170 lbs.   A former titleholder at STRIKEFORCE in the Middleweights, he has some quality wins including a defeat of Dan Henderson, and there was a lot of hope for a rejuvenation of his career at 185 lbs.

From what I saw in the fight, there can only be one real explanation.  Somewhere in the buildup, Shields actually fell in love with his opponent Ed Herman.  How else can you explain 15 minutes in the octagon without an attempt to hurt the man at all.  And the hug!  It was a fifteen minute hug fest, with no real legit near submissions or g n p.

If Shields keeps fighting like this, here is his future:  A vampy 50 plus year old woman is having cocktails with her friends in a bar in Vegas. She calls over to the waitress and asks ‘who is that handsome bus boy?’.  Why, that is Jake Shields.




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