UFC 152, it’s the new UFC 151 – Jon Jones vs Vitor Belfort Preview

ufc 152: jon jones vs vitor belfortSo Jon (I got Nike money) Jones refuses to fight Sonnen and Dana White explodes like one of Hendo’s H-Bombs because for the first time the UFC cancelled an event because a fighter won’t fight. That means what was UFC 152 becomes the new UFC 151.

UFC 152: Jon Jones vs Vitor Belfort
Sept 22, Toronto, Canada Live on PPV. 7PM/10PM PTET

Jon Jones was rescheduled to fight at this event against Lyoto Machida after Hendo got injured, but now there has been yet another change, and he will now be fighting Vitor Belfort! This in my opinion is a much better matchup! We’ve already seen Jon Jones wipe the floor with Machida, so a match up with Belfort makes things a lot more interesting, especially from a betting perspective.

Vitor Belfort has 2 straight wins after losing in his last title fight against Anderson Silva, and since he hasn’t touched UFC gold since 2004, you know he’s hungry for the gold! He has won 7 of 8 of his last fights and has more KO wins, and power, than Jon Jones. With his set of skills and experience, along with his Black Belts in BJJ, Judo and Shotokon, this guy is dangerous wherever the fight goes.

Jon Jones has never fought a well rounded fighter that has the KO capabilities that Vitor Belfort posses. Of course he has the advantage in reach, but one mistake can cost him the belt if he allows Vitor to close the distance and drop a bomb on him. When Vitor smells blood, or an opportunity to end a fight, he gets all over you like a swarm of angry hornets. His speed and tenacity is unmatched in the UFC.

Jon Jones will have his work cut out for him. If Belfort’s gameplan is solid, he shouldn’t give Jones time to implement all the tactics he has used on other fighters. Jones will try to use his reach to keep Belfort at bay, use elbows and knees in clinch, fake takedowns along with shoot for real takedowns, and keep his opponent guessing and uncomfortable by using feints, knee kicks and very versatile combos.

The UFC odds should be closer for this matchup than they were for Jones vs Machida, but of course Jon will be the favorite. Stay tuned to BetDSI.com and this blog for the latest UFC 152 picks and odds!

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