UFC 153 Coming Together: Glover Teixeira Gets Quinton Jackson!

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Glover Teixeira has a chance to catapult his name recognition if he can beat Quinton Jackson at UFC 153.

UFC 153 see the Octagon return to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil with a card that is starting to come together.  The main card will feature a lightheavyweight bout between long time MMA star Quinton Jackson and fast rising Brazilian Glover Teixeira.  It is going to be interesting to see where the lines come in at the sportsbooks, howeve I suspect that Teixeira is going to be an operational favorite of about 2 to 1.

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This is a bad matchup for Quinton, if my read on the nuances of the bout is correct.  Quinton’s head is likely not in this, and there is strong indication that it is his last UFC fight.  In his recent fights, he has come in out of shape and gotten beat, and against Jon Jones it looked like he trained a bit, and he still got beat.  He has been through the wars and gotten a taste of the Hollywood lifestyle, and he has appeared done for a little bit of time.

Teixeira is a guy who brings a real big ‘word of mouth’ reputation from the small fight circuit, and he has an excellent and aggressive record.  He is a guy who has paid his dues and is no for the first time, on the doorstep of getting compensated.  They are at polar opposite ends of their careers.

So much so that the recent rumors around Quinton Jackson involved him possibly heading towards a career in Pro Wrestling, and possibly teaming with King Mo Lawal in TnA’s organization.

And the recent rumors surrounding Teixeira?  That there are top shelf UFC fighters who want no part of fighting this guy.  Polar opposites.

This is one that may warrant waiting for fight week before putting out a bet.  If a motivated Jackson comes in looking  in great shape and motivated, he is still a top athlete who has a massive advantage in competition level over his opponent.  If your thinking of betting Jackson as an underdog, wait and see what the buzz is around him in Rio, once fight week has arrived.  If he is going through the motions at the conferences etc leading up to the fight, then he will dial in the fight as well.




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