UFC 153: Wrapping Up The Rest of the Action From Rio…

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It's working now! Despite a solid outing, Noguiera will hear calls to retire.

UFC 153 went of Saturday night in Rio de Janeiro, and overall they delivered a solid night of fights.  The main event of Bonnar and Silva was a fun fight, just like Dana White planned it!  The main card delivered as well, after a few warm up matches seemed to go long.  Of particular interest was the Heavyweight fight between Antonio Noguiera and Dave Herman, the Light heavyweight match up between Phil Davis and Wagner Prado and Jon Fitch taking out Erick Silva.

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One that was not mentioned above was the feared and hyped Glover Texeira against Fabio Maldonado.  Texeira was getting a rep as the man everyone wants to avoid, and Maldonado stepped up, but Maldonado does not really belong on the UFC roster.  He exposed Texeira as mortal, as he proved tough to take out and at one point he rocked Texeira, but this was a true throwback fight of guys at completely different ends of the spectrum when it comes to athleticism.

Jon Fitch is a grappler.  In a world where ‘banging’ it on the feet is held in paramount, Fitch still has what it takes to be a dominant 170 lber.  He wore out well regarded Erick Silva, who had inched his way into being a slight favorite in this fight.  Fitch threatened with submissions, showed excellent control and defended well on the ground.  He was a stud, and he wore Silva out.   This fight won both men the ‘Fight of the Night’ bonus.

Like Texeira, Phil Davis also exposed his opponent Wagner Prado as not UFC material.  He got the armlock submission in the second round after dominating every minute.  Prado was not ready for the infighting and he got tired quick.

Antonio Noguiera looked way out of shape in this fight physically, but his far superior training and set of skills separated him from Dave Herman early in their bout.  Though he was far slower than Herman, Big Nog got off first in the stand up exchanges, and on the ground, he showed his usual precise dominance.   Because of herman’s pre-fight comments that Jiu Jitsu doesnt work, the submission win took on a reverent air.  Noguiera called for a top 10 opponent after the win, while others called for his retirement.  Go out on top bro!

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