UFC 154 Fallout: George St Pierre Beats Condit In Return!

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Georges St Pierre was back to his old winning ways this past weekend as he took out Carlos Condit. St Pierre looked like his old self.

The UFC 154 in Montreal this past Saturday featured the long anticipated return of UFC Welterweight head honcho Georges St Pierre, as he took on and took out Carlos Condit.  There were questions about what St Pierre would look like after 19 months away from fighting and a pretty serious knee surgery under his belt.  Condit for his part, is probably the most dangerous foe St Pierre has faced, but St Pierre won in dominant fashion.  How dominant?  St Pierre overcame a knock down in the third round on his way to a Unanimous Decision.  Two of the judges gave St Pierre every round, one judge gave the 3rd to Condit after the knock down.

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UFC President Dana White has ratcheted up the rhetoric about a St Pierre versus Anderson Silva superfight, even offering a May 2013 potential date.  St Pierre had to win this weekend, which he did.  White has said ‘The fight will happen’.

There was nothing in St Pierre’s performance that would preclude the match.  St Pierre was his usual methodical self, operating in the stand up well and getting his takedowns at will.  Against Silva St Pierre will have to watch out for Silva’s power and his unorthodox style.  Condit is no Silva, but he is as close in skills as you’ll find, with his height and multi faceted striking.

So St Pierre takes the holidays off, then he has 4 plus months to get ready by putting on weight for a match at 185 lbs.  Silva for his part, has already started his coy little games, really part of getting the maximum money out of the match.

The earliest look at the books have this match with Silva as the favorite, but not by much.  Many experts and insiders are saying that St Pierre has a chance to win the decision, as he is capable of executing a 25 minute game plan.  If he gets Silva down early, he can start winning rounds.

For his part, I dont think Silva is the least bit concerned about St Pierre.  Condit wanted to work a submission game from the bottom, but St Pierre’s positioning and control meant that nothing Condit did threatened St Pierre.  Will Silva have a different result if he has to work Jiu Jitsu from his back?

For my part, I think that St Pierre will have trouble with Silva.  St Pierre has been fighting basically smaller or equally sized fighters, and Silva will be bigger and longer and heavier.  This difference will test St Pierre’s vaunted conditioning more than in any other match to date.

Now papa Dana just has to do what he said he would do!  Get it signed!


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