UFC 155 Adds Forrest Griffin versus Phil Davis

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UFC Light Heavyweight Phil Davis gets a quick return to the UFC after winning his last outing at UFC 153.

UFC Lightheavyweight Phil Davis, coming off a solid win at UFC 153 against Wagner Prado, will be facing Forrest Griffin at the end of December at the UFC 155.  Griffin’s original opponent, Chael Sonnen, has moved to the Reality Series and into a title shot with Champion Jon Jones next year.  Though Davis has a handful of nice wins in his young UFC career, Griffin has the potential to give Davis trouble in their match – it really depends on which Phil Davis shows up.

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Much has been made about Griffin’s mindset in his last few fights, and about his outspoken desire to not look to earn a shot a t the UFC title, but once the cage door is shut, Griffin is dangerous and knows what he is doing.

Davis has had a tendency to go long in some of his fights, and Griffin knows how to manage a long fight well.

On the feet, the fight certainly favors Griffin, as Davis is still developing a stand up game to speak of.  The question is how long will Griffin be able to keep the fight on the feet?  Forrest will still have to avoid getting hit with something powerful from Davis standing, as Forrest had an ability early in his career to absorb a lot of damage, but he has tended to go down when hit with something big as his career drags on.

Davis will likely give a small time to standing up, but will ultimately look to clinch and control.  The fight will probably wind up on the floor with Davis on top.  Forrest will not be around long if he gets hit with a solid barrage of punches from a top positioned Phil Davis.  Griffin has a few submissions on his resume, so he will remain dangerous, especially if Davis doesn’t do damage on the ground.

When the line hits the books for this fight, it will likely be Davis who is slightly favored, but this will be close to a pick ‘em.


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