UFC 155: Cain Velasquez vs Junior Dos Santos Fight Analysis And Betting Prediction

UFC 155 Cain Velasquez vs Junior Dos Santos Fight Analysis And Betting Prediction

Arguably the most anticipated UFC match-up of the year tonight at UFC 155 when Cain Valeasquez challenges the heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos in a rematch for the gold. BetDSI Sportsbook is showing huge value on Cain Velasquez as +170 dog bet.

The first match-up between these two monsters of physical destruction was all anticipation and little action as Junior Dos Santos knocked out the former champion Cain Velasquez just 64 seconds into the fight to become reigning UFC Heavyweight Champion.

It was highly talked about that Cain velasquez had a hurt knee which he treated with a cortizone shot before the fight. This is why he decided to stand and bang with the most devastating striking in the world of MMA Junior Dos Santos, instead of utilizing his superior world class wrestling. However it is known that JDS also had a torn meniscus, and both fighters appeared as if they were trying to go for the kill quick knowing they would not be able to carry out a long fight with their injuries.

Both have stated they are free of injury so get ready to see two monsters that could possibly go down in the history of MMA as the most dangerous in the sport. There is no doubt JDS will be fighting a new monster with Cain being injury free and not having any ring rust the likes he had in their last match-up coming back from over a year long lay-off due to a torn rotator cuff.

Velasquez will fair much better if he gets the fight to the ground and uses his devastating ground and pound. However this is not to say the power is not there to knock anyone in the world out should he connect flushly. I feel Cain to be the stronger fighter, it is just that Junior Dos Santos is a more technical striker (with mean power of course) with the ability to counter and hides his punches like the one that knocked out Velasquez in their first match. The ones you don’t see are the ones that end fights. 

Even though JDS knows he will be in for a tougher fight he still has all the confidence in the world stating ” I actually think it is a mistake for Cain Velasquez to be getting this fight again so soon, because after he loses this one, he’s going back to the end of the line to get at this again”.

I predict a Cain Velasquez victory via ground and pound TKO or by unanimous decision. He displayed in hist last fight against Bigfoot Silva that he is back and looking one hundred percent. JDS has absolutely never fought such a physical wrestler with the athleticism of Cain, and this is not to say that JDS threatened someone to get his BJJ black belt , but until I see it in use his ability to stuff take downs and get back up against a world class wrestler with such athleticism remains to be speculation.

Of course either man could win and regardless how it goes these two futures of the MMA Heavyweight division will likely fight each other again somwhere down the road. With this being a very even match-up it would not be wise to take the higher price on JDS and neglecting to take the huge comeback of +170 and counting. Remember Cain entered the book at around +150 (and I still wouldn’t of turned that down) so at this price it’s a no-brainer.

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