UFC 155: Velasquez Dominates To Re-Capture The Heavyweight Title!

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Cain Velasquez with his team at AKA and the gold around his waist once again.

The UFC 155 event held last night in Las Vegas ended with a Heavyweight Title fight for the ages, as Cain Velasquez dominated Junior Dos Santos to re-capture the belt.   Dos Santos had taken the belt from Velasquez with a 65 second KO, and he oozed confidence prior to the fight, but by the end of round 1 Velasquez had broken his spirit.  Velasquez poured it on relentlessly for 20 minutes, battering Dos Santos standing and on the ground.  By the end of the fight, the judges had it 50-43, 50-44 and 50-45 for Velasquez.

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Up next for Velasquez?  Likely the winner of UFC 156′s heavyweight bout between Alistair Overeem and ‘Bigfoot’ Silva, with Overeem being the preferred choice.

And Dos Santos?  There will be talk of a third bout between he two, but it is not 100 percent assured in the near future.  First of all Dos Santos is going to need a long layoff to recover from the beating he took.   This recovery is not only physical, but emotional as well, and President Dana White stated that Dos Santos will get another fight when he is ready rather than an immediate re-match due to the one sided nature of the loss.

But a rematch would be bankable, and it will likely happen sometime down the road.  It will depend on the UFC’s matchmaking, because if Dos Santos comes back to face someone like Josh Barnett or Daniel Cormier he could very well be looking at a two fight losing streak.  This is a job for Matt Mitrione or someone of that ilk.

Besides Overeem, Velasquez has burgeoning contenders Stefan Struve and Mark Hunt, who will be facing each other in early 2013.  If Overeem beats Silva, the winner of this bout would also make a logical choice for Dos Santos a well.  If Silva wins, then this match likely represents the next challenge for Velasquez.

Or White could backtrack if Overeem loses and he could go with Velasquez-Dos Santos 3 in the summer.  with Barnett and Cormier incoming, the Heavyweight division seems to be replenishing itself.

One thing to think about – how would the sport be different if the fight last night had been the one that aired on FOX instead of the 65 second bout they got the first time around?  Both men deserve credit for an amazing fight – had Dos santos quit or had their been a stoppage in the later rounds no one would have complained.  But PPV fans got their money’s worth last night.

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