UFC 161: Will Nick Diaz Stay Retired?

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Nick Diaz (right) expressed disappointment after his title match loss against UFC, and he talked retirement.

This past weekend, UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St Pierre defended his title by sweeping every round of a unanimous decision over ‘bad boy’ Nick Diaz.  after the fight, Diaz was in typical form, with his mind wandering from subject to subject.  He spoke of retirement, and became more fervent about it when pushed on the subject.  He also spoke rematch with GSP, fighting Condit again or even facing Jake Ellenberger, but Diaz did not seem too psyched to go through the grind again.  Will we see him in the UFC again?

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Diaz is a unique character who speaks his mind.  He is not Chael Sonnen, who is a contrived and clever marketer, with Nick Diaz what you see is what you get.

One of the reasons the retirement talk is semi serious is that Diaz disagrees with the judging criteria.  He feels that by staying active and threatening from the bottom, that he is winning the fight.  The school of thought is out there but Diaz feels against Condit and GSP that they came to hold and win points and not fight.  It doesn’t matter what the general public thinks, this is what Diaz believes.

In a moment of innocent honesty that could cost him, Diaz mentioned not having paid his taxes.  Whether he likes it or not, he is going to need lawyers and people to deal with that, or the IRS will deal with it for him.  Trust me, his psyche is not ready for an intrusive IRS audit!  But he will likely be needing an income like the UFC provides.

So this is the big worry and the part that must be looked on for potential future bettors of Nick Diaz.

Diaz will almost certainly not retire and we will see him in the octagon again.  What must happen is that Diaz needs to find that fire and gt back to fighting angry against his opponent, like the guy is trying to take something from his family.  If Diaz is not motivated to fight, or worse, he is forced to keep fighting to pay taxes, then that is a bad situation for Diaz to be in.

He will likely be back, but it bears watching what are the circumstances around his return.


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