UFC 166 Fallout: What’s Next For Adlan Amagov?

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Adlan Amagov is looking for a top 10 opponent in UFC after he demolished TJ Waldburger at UFC 166.

The undercard of UFC 166 featured a fight between TJ Waldburger and Adlan Amagov that ended in a crowd silencing KO for Amagov. Waldburger left on a stretcher, which is really a rare sight at a UFC, all things considered. Thankfully Waldburger is OK, but the UFC now has Amagov on their hands, and UFC President Dana White described him as ‘scary’.

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Amagov himself was in the media this week, and he mentioned wanting to fight Jake Shields and Martin Kampmann as potential opponents.

Amagov is a good striker, with a lot of diverse kicks in his arsenal, and his wresting defense, throws and overall grappling have shown flashes of skill as well. Kampmann is more likely to mix it up with Amagov on the feet, and that would be a formula for Kampmann to become the stepping stone Amagov envisions.

Shields would be a harder match. Shields is unlikely to mess with Amagov’s stand up, and his grappling is on a world class level. Shields will try to do what he does, which is smother and control Amagov, shutting down his offense.

After his display against Waldburger, where he threw punches that hurt his opponent in close, at one point while hoping on one foot defending a single leg….. Amagov might feel confident he can get to Shields and keep him at bay. If they fall into a stand up fight, Amagov whould win on points.

It happened recently in Bellator, with exciting Russian fighter Andrey Koreshkov, who was undefeated at 13-1 until Ben Askren got his hands on him and smothered him to a brutally boring finish.

It is admirable that Amagov would call out Shields, and it would be a true feather in his cap if he could take Shields out. But Shields will work to keep this match chest to chest, where Amagov wont be able to get off.  Waldburger was not physically strong enough to clinch up Amagov, but Shields could do it.

I like Martin Kampmann, but hopefully the UFC steers away from the Jake Shields match for now.

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