UFC 168: A Look At Tate-Rousey!

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Ronda Rousey and Meisha Tate are set for the biggest women’s MMA match of all time at UFC 168.

Next up for the world’s largest MMA company is UFC 168, scheduled for Las Vegas, Nevada on December 28th,  The co-main event of the evening is the much anticipated, biggest women’s MMA fight of all time between Ronda Rousey and Meisha Tate.  The fight comes after months of build up, with both Rousey and Tate serving as coaches on the UFC reality show.  The line sits, as expected, with Rousey a massive (-800) favorite over Tate, who returns around (+550).  So the big question is, does Tate have a chance?

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A lot has changed since the two first fought.  Rousey won by arm bar in  match that saw Tate come close to getting out of the first round.

The stint on the reality show, where people got to see the real Ronda Rousey, or at least a version that was up close, has left Rousey as the hell and Tate the fan favorite.  Tate was smart about her presentation on the show, and generally came across as the more professional of the two women.

Tate’s professionalism would seem to give her a chance, as she has had her focus solely on Rousey for a while.  Now the world is potentially routing for Tate, but will that tranlate into enough action to bring the line down?

Because Ronda Rousey is going to win this fight, and if the line gets lower, I’ll bet Rousey.

Tate has a shot, and she is good, but remember, all she did her first meeting ersus Rousey was defend, with the best complement coming to her that she got out of an arm bar.  Rousey dominated.  And Rousey has been getting better as well.

And do not forget that this match was basically 2nd choice anyway, as Tate lost her match with Cat Zingano that was considered a qualifier to face Rousey.  Only a Zingano injury has Tate anywhere near the shot, and the fact is that Zingano at least is more deserving.  Tate now has the shot whe has long been asking for, but it wasn’t earned the right way, she couldnt do that.  Now she has a chance again against Rousey, and she will most probably fail again.



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