UFC 168 Gets Ronda Rousey vs Meisha Tate II At Year end!

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Meisha Tate and Ronda Rousey: at the weigh ins of their first bout, there was tension….

The UFC 168 event scheduled for December 28th in Las Vegas, Nevada has it’s first match, and it might wind up being the main event of the evening.  The much talked about rematch in the ladies divisions between 135 lb Champion Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate (0-1 in the UFC).  The UFC has not loaded up an event with two title fights in quite a while, and there is strong talk that Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva may have a rematch, and that would fit perfectly right above the ladies co-main event.  Should that not happen, expect the UFC hype train to hit high gear as they attempt to pound into our heads that Rousey-Tate II is up there with Jake LaMotta vs Sugar Ray Robinson in terms of rivalries.

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It really is an average rivalry.  Rousey hit the MMA scene and has been a whirlwind ever since, making a fast climb by combining talent and charisma to get crossover exposure that had escaped the ladies fight scene until she arrived.

The truth is that there was a very active and slowly growing grass roots scene for over 10 years, and many great women athletes already existed.  Many of them looked at the Rousey phenom and basically said ‘hey, can we get a little respect here?’.  Well, Rousey sort of said no, and the resentment grew.  A more recent example of this attitude towards Rousey was the quote from veteran fighter Shayna Bazler, who commented ‘Rousey had a really tough press conference to earn that UFC belt’.

Rousey however does have unique talents in the ring, and has really remained unchallenged.  The UFC will only be rehashing and amplifying the ‘rivalry’ that was there before the first match.  Do not let that make you forget that the first match was a wipe out by Rousey, as the best that can be said of Tate’s performance is that she lasted into the 4th minute before the fight ended.

Some of the sportbooks are already carrying a line for this fight, and they have Rousey at between -1000 and -1150 for now.  Regardless of what happens on the Reality show that features both as coaches, there really is very little Tate could possibly do to close that line.


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