UFC: An Early Look At Frankie Edgar vs Benson Henderson 2!

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Former UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar will look to regain the title he lost later on this year.

In his last outing, Frankie Edgar dropped the 155 lb UFC Lightweight title to Benson Henderson.  The UFC and a good part of the media was talking that Frankie Edgar might drop down to 145 lbs and perhaps fight the Featherweight Champion, Jose Aldo.   Though it is not officially on the calendar yet, it appears more and more that Edgar will rematch Benson Henderson for the 155 lb title.  Anyway you look at it, Edgar faces a very hard road ahead.  Edgar, who UFC President Dana White at one point called the number two pound for pound mixed martial artist in the world, faces a steep precipice in his career.

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Whenever this fight goes down, it will be interesting to see where the line opens up.  In my book, Henderson is going to have a lot of confidence going into a rematch.  Edgar, as tough as he is, was able to do little of anything effective against Henderson the first time out.  A few takedowns, OK, but Henderson was never remotely threatened or hurt.  Since he won the belt against BJ Penn, Edgar has not really changed his strategy of keeping the match up on the feet and working his boxing.

Edgar faces a crossroads in his career.  If he beats Henderson he regains the belt and stays at 155 lbs, where there is a lot of competition.

If he loses, he will likely have to drop down to the 145 lb weight class.   But rushing him into an immediate title shot against Jose Aldo is probably not the best way to go.  I would have Aldo the favorite going into that fight.

Aldo is longer and faster than Edgar, so Edgar’s typical fight strategy of trying to box and keep it up will be dangerous against Aldo, who will be the most dangerous and varied striker he has seen yet.

Whichever fight he takes next, Henderson or Aldo will likely see Edgar come in the underdog.  If he does drop the fight, he is then on a two fight losing streak, and with the opponents being offered, Edgar runs the risk of dropping three bouts in a row.

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