UFC and Women’s MMA: Could Sara McMann Face Ronda Rousey?

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Sara McMann (left), an Olympic Freestyle wrestler, makes a compelling case to be Ronda Rousey’s first UFC opponent.


This past week, UFC President Dana White verified the signing of premiere women’s MMA artist Ronda Rousey to a UFC contract, stating he wanted her to fight ‘next Saturday’, meaning he is eager to get her in the octagon.   Established stars ‘Cyborg’ Santos and Gina Carrano have both been mentioned for Rousey, as has a rematch with Miesha Tate.  Now there is word that Olympic Freestyle wrestler Sara McMann, who owns a 6-0 record in MMA, has a UFC deal potentially in the works.  Though she is not gifted with the name recognition of some of the other potential Rousey opponents, McMann’s resume and athletic pedigree certainly make her a credible opponent.

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Obviously, when the fight opens at the sportsbooks it will be Rousey who is favored, but McMann and Rousey have remarkable similarities.  Both have competed in a combat sport at the Olympic level and excelled, and both are 6-0 in professional MMA with similar competition levels between them.

What Rousey hs bought to the game is her 100 percent arm bar finish ratio, something McMann has not been able to duplicate.  McMann has allowed several of her fights to go the distance, and just seems more methodical in her approach.  This could be both good and bad in a bout with Rousey.

Certainly avoiding Rousey’s frenetic attempts to finish is a must.  With her strength and wrestling pedigree, McMann may be able to stay away from the ground with Rousey, in which case this may come down to a boxing match.  That would make things interesting, since we have not seen much out of Rousey at all except he precision arm bars.

They key for Rousey’s first match is to get someone who is close in the physical matchup, and ‘Cyborg’ certainly is.  That bout however, may take a while to orchestrate, and in her absence, McMann is probably the best available opponent.

White mentioned he is planning to headline a PPV with Rousey and part of that will be to get a credible opponent.  With the similarities in their resumes, Sara McMann may be the right choice.  Dana make it happen!

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