UFC: Anderson Silva’s Next Challenge is Chris Weidman!

UFC All Time great Anderson Silva returns to the octagon at UFC 162 to face Chris Weidman.

UFC President Dana White is fond of saying that UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva is the greatest of all time, and maybe ‘The Spider’ has earned that title.  Many people have been talking about Anderson Silva fighting a superfight against either Jon Jones or Georges St Pierre, and that talk has been led by White himself.  This neglects the fact that Silva has a UFC 162 date in July to take on Chris Weidman.  Right now at the sport books, Weidman is a +215 underdog, with Silva favored at -255, which is the closest line we have seen on an Anderson Silva fight in many years.

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Other than catching Silva (like Ryo Chonan did oh so long ago), the world was shown the blueprint on beating Silva by Chael Sonnen during the 4.5 rounds where he dominated the dominating champion.

Weidman appears to have the skill set to do the same thing as Sonnen, as he is a strong wrestler who hits hard and does damage when he gets his opponent on the ground.  Weidman, who at an undefeated 9-0 does not have the wealth of experience that Sonnen has, but his style takes less risks.  Weidman has also been calling the champion out for over a year, so he has to feel confidence that few opponents have had when getting in the cage against Silva.

We have not seen Silva since October of last year, and he is 38 years old.  Will he have to work that much harder in training camp to continue avoiding the ravages of age?  Will he look past Weidman and onto the future superfights and major big money that people keep talking about.  Will all the talk about being the ‘Goat’ and people around him stroking his ego, will this be the match where Silva shows some slippage?

For his mind set, Weidman has overcome injuries and natural disasters in the past year, and he will be very hungry and motivated to return and make a splash.  If he can excersize his game plan, Weidman has a legitimate shot at raining on the UFC superfight parade.  Right now, Chris Weidman is all that stands in the way.  Weidman would be a dangerous opponent to have a ‘bad’ day against for Silva, as the lines that are out there show us.


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