UFC Announces Condit – St Pierre, Why Am I Not Excited?

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Carlos Condit steps into the main event at UFC 137.

The UFC 137 main event on October 29th will now feature Carlos Condit challenging for Georges St Pierre’s welterweight title.  The UFC really had no choice but to pull Nick Diaz, the original challenger after he no showed several press events for the match.  With all due respect to Carlos Condit, who is an excellent technician, this event has definitely lost some of it’s color.

One of the things I’ve been complaining about in a few blogs is a lack of personality in some of the MMA and UFC fighters.

Since the day Mark Coleman and Tank Abbott took on Vitor Belfort, Carlos Barreto and Wallid Ismael at a UFC afterparty, it has been a good thing that the fighters have exhibited mutual respect and limited those types of situations.

But what I’m talking about is building a little bit of hype for a fight.

Already the talk has started, and it is boring.  St Pierre is saying that Condit is more dangerous than Diaz, and that the late change affects them both.  In other words, he is saying all the right things.

Condit too, amazingly he thinks St Pierre is one of the best in the world.  He also reveals he has altered his training camp a bit, since at times both men train with Greg Jackson.

He also revealed that both men had trained in the gym with Jackson at the same time, and had stayed away from each other in anticipation of the fight to come.  Really?

Man what would be wrong with walking across the gym and having a good solid training roll with the guy?  In all honesty most guys in MMA are carrying a balance of techniques that are very similar, at this point it is strength and conditioning that usually win.  So they were in the same gym, sort of eyeing each other and neither of them have one interesting story they can tell me other than that they respect each other?

Here is the main reason for my complaint.  Frankie Edgar versus Gray Maynard will likely carry the same talk.  Cain Velasquez versus Junior dos Santos, well that is already the same except Velasquez actually talks less.  Yes Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva will be different, and Quinton Jackson will carry the talk when he meets Jon Jones.  But I’m getting tired of hearing the same old talk!

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