UFC Announces Forrest Griffin versus Chael Sonnen for End Of Year!

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Griffin has said some questionalbe things in interviews that lead to specualtion about his motivation, but once the octagon closes and instinct kicks in, Griffin remains a tough out.

Soon, the UFC will be announcing bouts for 2013, as a rash of recent signings are starting to hash out the schedule for the rest of 2012.  Perhaps none of the recently announced bouts are more intriguing than the Chael Sonnen versus Forrest Griffin bout signed for December 29th in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Both men are at a career crossroads, and the match will go a long way towards determining each man’s work schedule for the 2013 campaign.

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Griffin has seemed uncomfortable around all the press and hoopla that surround his recent fights, and he has a bizarre interview segment recently where he publicly lauds Lightheavyweight champion Jon Jones and concedes that he does not even want to fight him.

UFC President Dana White goes on record as stating he would like to see Griffin retire.  And Middleweight contender Chael Sonnen calls out the attitude of Griffin, saying a competitive athlete should always be in pursuit of the number one slot.

Now that Sonnen has moved up to the 205 lb weight class, ostensibly to pursue a championship, his first roadblock will be Forrest Griffin, a man who has already defeated him once.

Again the books are not on this one yet, however I suspect that Sonnen will come in the underdog for this fight, all intangibles and smack talk aside.

Griffin is a big 205 lber, Chael will not be as big when it comes to size and reach.

Chael is goin to need to make a fight out of this, and take it to Griffin.  On the ground, griffin submitted him once, and though Chael has improved, it continues to be his weak spot.

It is unlikely to be a ground fight however.  And Griffin, for all his lackadaisical talk in reent times, is a fighter whose instinct will come on when he finds himself in a fight.

You have to hand it to Chael, who has taken a tough fight going up in weight class.  He can’t just do well, Chael need to win to establish himself in the division.


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