UFC Announces More Cuts!

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One and done. The guy above lost in his first UFC match, and was cut from his contract? Who was that man?

The UFC announced the severing of contractual ties with fighters Josh Neer, Brock Jardine, Caros Fodor and Jon Manley this week.  No attention getting names went in this round of cuts, but since some of the books started taking action on UFC cuts around UFC 158, I have watched the news outlets waiting for Dana’s axe to fall with a morbid fascination.  The men cut this week all lost at uFc 157, approximately 5 weeks ago, so the uFc 158 fighters are likely next!  Let’s look at the latest cuts and what lays ahead.

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Jon Manley, the fighter in the picture, was cut after losing his debut UFC fight.  Josh Neer, the biggest name on the list, looked flatter and more faded than ever in his last outing, his third loss in a row.

The other fighters on the list also were coming off losses and were not impacting their weight classes.  This latest round of cuts were performance based, basically.

Two much bigger names are at risk for UFC 158.  One is Nathan Marquardt, who was unable to get started against Jake Ellenberger before he was KO’d at UFC 158.  Marquardt came from SF and had lost his last outing there as well.  Don’t forget that Marquardt has been a victim of the UFC’s axe in the past, so he cannot be comfortable.

The elephant in the room however, is Nick Diaz.  First off their are still those pesky drug tests, and you just have to think it is possible that Diaz’ latest diatribes against commissions and weigh ins and the actions of his ‘people’ that someone over there is puffin’ something.

This is not the first time Diaz has pushed the limit of Dana White’s patience, but what may be more important is how it goes over with the public.  If he goes from everyone’s favorite bad boy to the biggest whiner in MMA, it might not be good for him.

What is clear about Nick Diaz is that everything will be difficult with him.  There is no clear cut next opponent for him.  A Carlos Condit rematch has been mentioned but Diaz himself seemed unmotivated by that one.  Another rematch that might be interesting is with Robbie Lawler, who diaz took out way back in UFC 47 in 2004, but again diaz will make it hard.  You know Dana White is thinking about it, in a few weeks we will know how it goes.

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