UFC Bettor’s Choice – Mike Russow Returns To UFC 147!

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People have been underestimating Mike Russow since he started his MMA career.

The UFC 147 card, scheduled for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on June 23rd and headlined by Anderson Silva versus Chael Sonnen 2 looks to also feature a heavyweight battle between Mike Russow and Fabrizio Werdum.   At first glance, this matchup may not come to your attention, and when the lines open up it will almost certainly have Werdum as a heavy favorite.  There may be a few things about Mike Russow that the average UFC viewer and bettor may not be aware of.  This is Russow’s fifth appearance in the UFC, and he is a perfect 4-0 record in the organization, and is 15-1 overall in his MMA career, which spans close to a decade and a half.  He has been around, and since joining the UFC, he has been a rock solid bet.  So let’s take a look at what would have happened if you had put down $100 on Mike Russow in his first UFC match and let it ride…

Russow was the underdog in everyone of his UFC bouts so far.  I’m going to use +250 as the comeback for this example to make things easy, some of the lines actually closed with him as a bigger underdog than +250.

Russow’s opening UFC bout was a win over Justin McCully.  McCully was 2-1 in the UFC and was favored in the bout.  So if Russow ended as a +250 underdog, you have yourself $350 to show if you bet Russow.  Next bout, Todd Duffee, also 1-0 in the UFC at the time.  Duffee definitely looks better without a shirt on than Russow does, and that is what people bet.  So if you bet your $350 on Mike Russow, and he finished at a +250 underdog again, well, you just made $875.  Your bank is at $1225 heading into Russow’s third bout against Jon Madsen.  Madsen was rolling along at a 4-0 UFC record when he ran into Russow.  So your $1225 bet on Russow at the +250 rate now has you bank at right around $4250.

Finally, his last bout against Jon Olav Einemo saw Einemo as a favorite again.  $4250 at +250 for Russow means you now have $14,875 dollars for your $100 starter bet.

Russow has been a very good bet in the UFC.  Honestly, Werdum is the highest skill guy Russow has faced, so I might not bet the whole amount of my Russow money, but he will be a substantial underdog again and should he pull off another win, will be 5-0 in the UFC.  Is it going to take a title shot for people to notice this guy?

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