UFC: Bisping Deserves Silva – Make the Fight in England!

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Bisping not only deserves the shot, he will sell the fight to a British public that really does back it's fighters.

After his performance in this past weekend’s UFC, England’s Michael Bisping should be considered the clear number one contender at 185 lbs to Anderson Silva’s title.  Yes, young Cris Weidman has a lot of hype surrounding him, but he has 9 fights overall, and his day will come.  Bisping has done everything he needs to do over a long career, and he looked solid in taking out Brian Stann, moving his record to 23-4.

Silva will be a prohibitive favorite when the odds are set, but if the UFC makes the fight in England, it would serve as a considerable boost to what at times looks like waning interest in the UK.

The bottom line is that Bisping is clearly the best fighter to come out of England in the UFC.  And he has developed a well balanced game that makes him a winner.  He has a diverse set of weapons and he has been able to beat everyone but the very elite at his weight class.

The British fans will back the fight, and it could be the biggest UFC event ever held in Europe.   And Bisping is a talker, he will sell the fight.

Silva has crossed over into the territory where he should only do the biggest fights possible, and the Bisping fight is the biggest one on the radar except for a George St Pierre superfight.

But the GSP fight is not an interesting fight.  The UFC seemed to have ruled it out a few years back, but they are rehashing it because the big fights that are on the horizon are limited.

Bisping has shown improved wrestling in his latest outings, and he is likely to need it against Silva, though his striking is also solid.  If he takes a page out of Chael Sonnen’s first Silva performance and takes it to Silva, he has the potential to sneak and steal a few rounds.

I do think Silva will win the fight, however with a large British betting public behind him, this match may be the best odds you get for betting Silva until the end of his career.  Dana, make it happen!

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