UFC: Donald Cerrone versus Anthony Pettis May Be off! What To Do….

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Donald Cerrone is one of the top fighters in the UFC Lightweight division.

In the UFC’s Lightweight Division, Donald Cerrone versus Anthony Pettis has been talked about for January for a long time, however due to a staph infection that Pettis has, the fight appears to be coming apart for now.  The UFC needs to get Cerrone back in the ring by finding a replacement.  There are a lot of options out there, and the ‘Cowboy’ has turned into one of the more exciting fighters, and one of the more interesting characters on their roster.  So get to work Dana, these things need to be decided in short order.

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The first possibility to toss out there is shipping Cerrone to take on Gilbert Melendez on the promised STRIKEFORCE show scheduled for January.  It would be a great fight, but the STRIKEFORCE mess that is out there is worthy of it’s own ranting blog.

The minute that UFC President Dana White tweeted Bellator star Eddie Alvarez ‘Let’s talk’, the match between Cerrone and Alvarez came to mind.  It has potential barnburner written all over it.

The first step is that the UFC come in with a strong offer for Alvarez, and force Bellator to match it.  With VIACOM involved and with Alvarez’ statement that he will go to the highest bidder, the UFC must move quickly and boldly to make this signing happen.  At 28, Alvarez is in his prime, and wasting months in a prolonged negotiation and stall does not help anybody.

Cerrone is a solid, upper echelon standard bearer to break Alvarez in – solid on his feet, and big for the weight class, which Alvarez needs to be tested against right away.  Despite this, Alvarez would likely come in as the favorite for the fight,  but Cerrone would be a live underdog.

Alvarez has also been mentioned as a potential Gilbert Melendez opponent, but the UFC should try to keep Alvarez away from that mess altogether.  Additionally, the Cerrone-Alvarez match, on paper is more appealing in my book.

Dana, make it happen….

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