UFC Exec’s Exchange Presents For The Holidays!

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Frank Trigg showing White and Hallman the goods! Pic is from UFC 48 Weigh ins, June of 2004.

The scene is last Friday, the day before Christmas Weekend.  Dana White was sitting in his office feeling a little disappointed that the UFC Christmas party was not going to happen, but the build up to December 30th’s UFC 141 had everyone working their tails off.   It was nearing the end of the day, and he and matchmaker Joe Silva had planned a quiet exchange of gifts before going home.  Dana cheered up a bit, thinknig back at the frenzied bidding it took to secure Silva’s gift, but the famous Phil Baroni Daisy Duke shorts were Joe’s!

As the office staff thinned out, Silva knocked on his door.  The diminutive matchmaker was carrying an enormous present.  Despite the wrap it was clearly a framed picture or piece of art of some kind.

‘Come in’ calls Dana as Silva opens the door and steps in.

“You know’ Joe starts, ‘I have always stressed out wondering what to get you for Christmas.  A few months back when I found out you were a collector, it made things easier for this year.  And then I found the perfect gift’.  Silva accompanied the word ‘collector’ with a lewd wink.  ’Just open it Dana, I think it captures a moment of history.’

Dana grabs the package and rips it open, revealing a beautifully framed, enlarged version of the photo you see above.  Dana took the whole picture in, all the while getting the sinking feeling that he had been outdone again!

“Yes I think that is the moment you became a collector, Dana!” Joe’s natural energy carried him away “Look at you Dana, your young, you still had hints of hair!  And look at that smile, how happy you are.”

Silva continued “And Dennis obviously learned his lesson well.  He is clearly taking in Mr Trigg’s attire and now the ‘training mask’ shorts don’t seem too far out, do they.  You both learned it all from Frank!  i think Dennis may be a collector deep down inside as well.”

Dana gets up, literally with a tear in his eye, and approaches Silva.  He hands Silva his present saying ‘I got you a little something too, but there is no way I can match what you got me’.

As Silva takes the present and begins to respond, Dana burst into tears and leap hugs Silva yelling ‘I love you man!’

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