UFC Fight Night 25 This Weekend!

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Jake Shields, maybe the best 170 lber this side of Georges St Pierre

After a few weeks off, the UFC is ramping up there schedule starting this weekend with UFC Fight Night 25.  The main event features a battle of Jakes, as Jake Shields takes on Jake Ellenberger.  Here is two explosive young guys I know well, and both will be around for a long time.  In this fight however, I’m gonna go with Shields.

First of all, let me say the rest of the card is lackluster, and the UFC is also getting beat up for a less than stellar card that they are putting on in England for UFC 138, on November 5th.  It is headlined by Chris Leben versus Mark Munoz, and they have sold some tickets, but they haven’t sold out.  It makes you wonder why they are slow in absorbing Strikeforce’s talent when they are offering an inferior product for a few cards.

But let’s get back to the Jakes.

Jake Ellenberger is a tough, tough kid.  He has close to 30 fights at this point and he is just 26 years old still.  He is an explosive athlete, with both speed and strength.  he is dangerous to anyone in the division.

But in Jake Shields, I think he meets a guy with a lot of the same athletic qualities, and also with a discipline and range of techniques that is deeper.

An x-factor here is the recent news that Jake Shields’ father Jack Shields passed away, and that type of news is always sad and you can never be sure how it will affect an athlete.  But Shields has always been mentally tough, so if I had to guess, I would think it would be a motivation for him.

Believe it or not, I think another x-factor is the Nick Diaz saga.  I feel like Shields has always been the most grounded of the Cesar Gracie guys, and that he will come in very focused.  Additionally, coming in off a loss, Shields is not used to that.  Despite the fact the loss is to St Pierre, the best in the world at that weight, he will certainly not want to lose two in a row.

This fight is likely to go to a decision, so in the judges hands anything can happen.  Ellenberger is tough enough to stay away from submissions for three rounds if his cardio is up to speed, and he will never submit Shields.  This has the makings of a stand up fight, as Ellenberger is probably the better wrestler.

I’m picking Shields, and honestly its the only fight I care about on this UFC card.  The UFC is facing Floyd Mayweather Jr this weekend and they are going to lose because they didn’t bring the ‘A’ game.





























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