UFC FIGHT NIGHT 39 Is This Weekend!

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The UFC Fight Night 39 card comes to us this weekend live from Natal, Brazil.

The UFC returns to Brazil this weekend with the Fight Night 39 event headlined by the re-match between Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua and Dan Henderson.  The two met in the UFC cage back in November of 2011, when they staged a monumental five round battle that saw Henderson get the nod despite ‘Shogun’ finishing very strong in the fight.  This time around, their are a lot of factors that will make it a different fight.  Right now, Rua is a (-225) favorite at the books, with Henderson returning (+185).  That match, now more than 2 years ago, was the last time Henderson won, and you can include a year layoff to go with 3 losses since then for ‘Hendo’, so it’s no wonder the odds favor Rua.

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Henderson appeared to see the writing on the wall when it came to the controversial TRT therapies, declaring before his last bout that he would not apply for the exemption.  Hendo’s performances where becoming more and more one dimensional even on TRT, so without it’s use, it would not be a surprise to see Henderson, who is 43 years old, show further slippage.

Then there is the fact that the fight is in Brazil, and that has been a notoriously hard place for main event fighters to earn a win.  For Henderson, who is as calm and as seasoned a competitor as they come, this advantage wont be as wide, but it’s positive effects on Rua can’t be overlooked either.  For Henderson it must feel like a full circle, as he fought his first fights back in 1997 in Brazil, and this is likely his last fight of any relevance for the UFC.

Henderson could pull out a win, and look for perhaps one more match.  There may be a market for his service in a geriatric circuit that the UFC may develop around him and Anderson Silva.  Combine this with rumors that Chuck Liddell has been seen upping his training regiment, and you see where the UFC might be heading with the likes of Henderson.

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