UFC Heavyweights: Daniel Cormier Calls Out Frank Mir!

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Daniel Cormier, at 11-0 in his MMA career, is UFC bound.

This past weekend, STRIKEFORCE Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier helped send the organization off into history by making short work of unheralded Dutch Heavyweight Dion Staring.   Cormier tossed him around and then spoke about the UFC and a potential April matchup with former Champion Frank Mir.  The match was made for the September 2012 SF card, and Cormier was coming in as the favorite at the sportsbooks.  No reason to think that will change.

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Come April, Mir will have been away from the cage for almost a year, and it will be interesting to see what Mir brings.  Mir has been bulking up and slowing down over the course of his career, and big and slow is not the way to fight Cormier, who uses his explosive compactness to control where the fight will occur.

Mir is not that removed from his submission of Antonio Noguiera, a gruesome kimura that snapped Noguiera’s arm.  Conceivably, he could submit Cormier, but it will not be the same fight.  With Noguiera, Mir had another Jiu Jitsu stylist who played the JJ game with him.  In Cormier he is going to have a high energy, high motor fighter who will seek to control position and stay safe first.

It appears as if Cormier came out of his fight with Staring with his hands intact, which has been a problem.  His career has been slowed by multiple broken hands in the past and it remains a concern.  Against Staring, Cormier’s ground and pound wasn’t so much bludgeoning as it was a constant stream.   Cormier may not be looking to protect his hands against Mir, which means Frankie is gonna eat some punches thrown with more intent than Cormier used against Staring.

Mir seems to be the right fit to get Cormier more attention from a wider audience.  Though Mir is a known quantity, he is popular and well known and coming to the end of his run as a top tier fighter.

Though Cormier is a terrific athlete and a solid 230 lber, he ultimately may wind up at 205 lbs and in a superfight with Jon Jones.  This match is ultimately the UFC’s goal it seems like, as few people have stated they actually want to fight Jones, and Cormier is one of them.  Look for Cormier to be at least a 3 to 1 favorite when the lines come out, and expect for that to spread as April approaches.



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