UFC Hits This Weekend! UFC on FOX 7 Preview…

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UFC Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson defends his title this weekend against the challenge of Gilbert Melendez.

The UFC comes this weekend with the UFC on FOX 7 event broadcast from San Jose, California.  The main event features Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson defending his title belt against Gilbert Melendez, a co-main that has Frank Mir welcoming Daniel Cormier to the UFC and several other interesting match ups up and down the lineup. Some of the lines at sportsbooks have the potential to change in either direction as we are looking at fighters with  big followings as well.  Let’s take a peak…

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Henderson is sitting at a -260 favorite over Melendez, with the comeback on Melendez at +210.   This line will be interesting to watch, since Melendez and his camp have a loyal following – you may see the line closer if a lot of action comes in on Melendez late.

Henderson should be the favorite in the fight, as his unique blend of athleticism, unorthodox striking and his flexibility when it comes to the ground game all will likely be advantages over Melendez.  If action does come in on Melendez, look for Henderson to come down in price before betting the champion.

Cormier is a comfortable -410 favorite over Mir (+310).  Cormier is undefeated and was the last STRIKEFORCE champion before they closed their doors, and as a fighter with an elite wrestling background, he has enjoyed controlling where the match goes in his MMA career.  Mir will be no different.

The standup game will be tricky for Cormier, as Mir is a solid boxer who will have a big reach advantage over Mir.  Cormier is going to have to close the distance, where Mir feels his 40 lb or so weight advantage will play to his favor.

Mir will be dangerous with his submissions, as he is very strong in the grappling game.  He has broken arms in the past, including those of Tim Sylvia and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira‘s, so when Mir threatens an arm, he knows how to end the fight.

But as a wrestler, Cormier has competed all his life, and as a heavyweight, he has dealt with bigger guys throughout his wrestling career.  If he get Mir down, can he punish Mir beofre he gets caught, or can he stay safe for a long 15 minute fight if Mir is on his back?  Most of the betting houses are in agreement.

Here is one other x-factor – Mir is a competitor.  Remember what he did to Lesnar the first time, which was catch him early and make it look easy.  Cormier is a far more dangerous fighter than Lesnar, but Mir is a huge underdog again.  Against Lesnar, when he was a huge dog, people that bet Mir made a lot of money.

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