UFC Lightweight Fight: Donald Cerrone vs Rafael Dos Anjos!

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The ‘Cowboy’, Donald Cerrone faces adversity a week out of his UFC fight with Rafael Dos Anjos.

Next up on the UFC schedule is the UFC Fight Night 27 on August 28th, which features a Lightweight match up between Donald Cerrone and Rafael Dos Anjos as a co-main event.  With the fight less than a week away, Cerrone sits a slight favorite at (-165) with the comeback on Dos Anjos at (+145).  It is a close fight of two guys with similar records (2-5 for Cerrone, 19-6 for Dos Anjos), however Cerrone sits with a higher ranking and is generally better known.  Cerrone’s competition level is much higher, but the line sits close with less than a week to go before the fight.

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The bottom line here, is that if you believed in Dos Anjos prior to this week, you have more reason to be behind Dos Anjos.  Cerrone made the news this week for being involved in a ‘Boat Rage’ accident where he allegedly had a confrontation and now may face legal issues.  That type of distraction can add a lot of pressure to the already normal pre-fight tension that exists, and it could be the difference in a close fight.

Dos Anjos has to be motivated for the fight.  He has been with the UFC going on 5 years now, putting together an 8-4 record which looks good because of the 4 fight winning streak he is on now.  This is a step up for Dos Anjos, who at 28 should be entering his prime, so you have to assume he is hungry for this fight.

But will Cerrone be affected a great deal by these issues?  lawyers, and talking to police and having to explain yourself over and over can be a mentally draining process, and the fight is just a few days away.  The line may get closer before fight time.

If the line starts to shrink, and you have been holding out, it may be time to get behind Cerrone, as he is still a real good bet in this fight.  Cerrone is a unique character who really drinks up being in the UFC.  He doesnt strike anyone as Harcard educated, I dont think, but he is smart and he is comfortable and happy with his job.  A win gets him started on a winning streak again, and he can go take care of the legal stuff after making sure things the last thing his employers see is him having his hand raised.



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