UFC Nevada State Commission Gives And Takes…

Yesterday, the Nevada State Athletic Commission held a hearing with several issues directly related to the UFC roster were on the agenda.  First, UFC Middleweight Title challenger Chael Sonnen was granted a ‘Therapeutic Use Exemption’ for his testosterone treatments, more or less clearing the way for his title bout with Anderson Silva in Nevada on July 7th.  Second, the commission issued Nick Diaz a 1 year suspension and fined him $60,000 (30% of his base contract salary for his last bout) for his use of marijuana.

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If you have never attended one of these commission hearings, picture a bureaucratic process from hell complete with expert corroboration and shuffling papers and delayed votes and lunch breaks.  IT is hell.  And this one was no different.

You do have to hand it to Sonnen, who went in so completely prepared with his legal team, that he can now be video taped shooting testosterone up, because the commission has granted him an exception, allowing him to continue using his twice a week prescription.  The doctor’s on the commission asked for some details and paperwork, but never broached the subject of what might be an unethical diagnosis.  That portion of the hearing ended with Sonnen looking the commissioners in the eye and offering his services as an outside consultant on the subject!  This may have been Sonnen’s ballsiest move yet.

But the UFC’s economic steamroller continues on, and Dana and company have their biggest fight of the year in Sonnen-Silva II.

And poor Nick Diaz.  How in the heck was he supposed to concentrate on a commission hearing with his ADHD if he isn’t allowed to smoke pot?  Well don’t worry about it, Nick you have a year to figure out how to either get approved (maybe borrow some lawyers from Sonnen) to smoke pot, or quit within 12 months because your suspended for a year.

This is what is comical about the situation, and it goes against all common sense.  The guy who smokes pot, granted an illegal drug, but it is a recreational drug that could have little if any effect on Diaz’ fighting is gone for a year.

But Sonnen admits to taking an enhancement drug twice a week since 2008, is licensed and ready to go.

Now if that is not a bureaucracy at work, I don’t know what is.


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