UFC: Nick Diaz versus GSP Looking Good For March….

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Nick Diaz is almost the total package – skill, guts and an attitude. It will be his athleticism that fails him against GSP.

The UFC is starting to put together their card for UFC 158 in Montreal, Canada, slated for March 16th, 2013.  The main eventwill be Nick Diaz challenging Georges St Pierre for his welterweight title.  Coming off a loss and a drug suspension, many feel Diaz does not deserve the fight, but for the UFC, it is probably the biggest money fight outside of St Pierre facing Anderson Silva.  Additionally, St Pierre has publicly stated he would like to fight Nick Diaz, and keeping GSP happy is good for business.

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Left out in the cold as far as a title shot is concerned is Johny Hendricks, who will face Jake Ellenberger on the main card of UFC 158 as well.  More on that match next blog!

The GSP versus Nick Diaz fight is a difficult match to get a read on.   GSP will certainly be favored when the lines hit the sportsbooks, and it is hard to disagree.

Clearly, Nick Diaz and his brother Nate Diaz are different fighters, but they have enough similarities in their physicality and in their styles that it is not a stretch to think that Benson Henderson showed us the blue print to beat Nick when he dismantled Nate.  A bigger, more physical opponent can stifle Diaz’ boxing and rough him up if he can stay out of submissions.  GSP meets that criteria.

If GSP wants to take this fight to the ground, he will be able to.  Diaz is a slick submission artist and GSP may find himself in some danger, but a more likely scenario sees GSP using his strength and overall athleticism to stay out of submissions and punish Diaz.  Diaz will fight tot he end, but if he cannot break through and hurt GSP, like Nate was unable to do with Henderson, then he will actually see the gap in physical differences get wider as the match goes on.

GSP will probably open at a 3 to 1 favorite or more.  It is hard to predict which way the line will go as both men are extremely popular and both bring  a core of loyal betting fans.

GSP was in a fight against Condit, possibly the hardest fight of his life.  His repaired body parts held up nicely, and he did not seem to have lost much of his awesome athleticism.  This spells trouble for Diaz.




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