UFC offers Jose Aldo a Lightweight Title Shot and All is Well!

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UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo is likely to get a title shot in the Lightweight division if he wins his August fight with Anthony Pettis.

Over the weekend, UFC President Dana White revealed to the press that UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo was doing an about face and did not want to fight Anthony Pettis this August as planned.  Well a little bit of what goes on in the back rooms was revealed, as the Pettis-Aldo match is on for the August time frame again.  Aldo’s  case centered around getting respect as a champion and that Pettis did not deserve the title shot.  Well the UFC apparently dangled a carrot in the form of a superfight against the Lightweight Champion should Aldo beat Pettis.  And low and behold, Pettis and Aldo is back on!

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Current Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson has a tough title defense coming up against STRIKEFORCR import Gilbert Melendez on the UFC on FOX 7 event on April 20th.  If Aldo gets by Pettis, he would be fighting for the title xometime towards the end of the year.

Right now tha tis one of the bigger problems with the match.  The shedules are so wildly out of synch, that you could have the Henderson-Melendez winner sitting roughly 8 months waiting on Aldo.

And Aldo has no easy task himself in Anthony Pettis.  Assume he beats Pettis, he will have that and a win over former Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar to bolster his argument for the superfight.  All Dana White needs is another artist!

Aldo versus Henderson or Aldo vs Melendez, where does the line come in for either bout?  Aldo got the respect he was asking for by being granted a title fight, but will he get the respect his long, dominant winning streak usually gets at the books?

Against Edgar, it could be argued that Aldo did more than Henderson did in taking out Edgar, the former champion at Lightheavyweight.  He is going to enjoy a speed advantage, and his lankiness will likely leave him pretty even in the height and reach departments.  Against Melendez he will likely enjoy a reach advantage.

But first, Aldo has Pettis, a match the UFC deserves credit for making.  If matches can be made by having fighters switch weight divisions, and both men are comfortable and content with the challenge, then more of these types of interdivisional fights are in order!




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