UFC on FOX 2 – A Look Back!

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Sonnen gets what he wants after 'UFC on FOX 2' - A rematch with Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva.

Well we went from one minute of fighting the first time the UFC was on FOX to 3 drawn out decisions when the UFC aired their second offering on FOX on January 28th.  It isn’t really their fault, the matches looked good on paper, but all three were basically stalemates, with one guy clearly stronger than the other, but not having enough to take the guy out.  What the event did for the UFC is it finalized a few storylines – Chael Sonnen versus Anderson Silva 2 should happen, and Rashad Evans against  Jon Jones.  The UFC will overcome a flat event, but eleven rounds without much happening in the fights must have some new fans wondering what the hype is about.

Demian Maia and Chris Weidman was likely the most boring of the fights, and I blame Maia.  Weidman is a young fighter, and he didn’t have a finish against an ultra defensive guy who does nothing on offense like Maia.  For seven fights now, we haven’t seen Maia finish a fight.

Sonnen and Bisping fought pretty even.   I am seeing out on the internet that Joe Rogan and the announcing team had Bisping ahead, and I can tell you that the Mexican broadcast team also had Bisping ahead.  Bisping is a solid fighter, I had Sonnen winning the first and third rounds.  Nevertheless, the UFC will get their main event bout for the summer between Sonnen and Silva, and it does have the potential to be the biggest fight yet for the UFC.  But Sonnen better bring a little bit more fire to that one than hi did against ‘Pip’.

And I admit to being wrong about Phil Davis looking confident.  I guess he did before the fight, but in the ring he lacked explosiveness from the start, almost looking like an adrenaline dump for his lack of energy.  Once you start giving a guy like Rashad rounds, Rashad is going to be prepared to stay ahead.

The fight that this sets up, which is Jon Jones and Rashad Evans for the Lightheavyweight Title should be interesting if the UFC can make it.  Word is they want it for the Atlanta UFC on April 21st, but it is unclear if that is enough time for Rashad.

As far as the product hitting FOX, yes the UFC scored 3 flat fights, but there is really nothing more that can be done.  The odds will catch up and they will get a memorable fight on the big FOX channel soon.  I’d stick Sonnen versus Silva on FOX in the summer!

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