UFC on FOX, Hitting the Big Time

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UFC President Dana White deserves heaps of credit for orchestrating this deal

The more information and news that comes out about the deal between the FOX conglomerate of networks and the UFC, the more it looks like this is the breakthru that this sport needed to crack that next level.

Dana White and the UFC deserve a lot of credit for making this happen, for showing the business acumen to make a gigantic deal and to keep elevating the sport.  White, who sometimes just comes across as a foul mouthed idiot, really does get a lot of genius points for this one.

Now that details are starting to come to light, it really is the total package that comes with the deal that makes it HUGE.  Live fights, the moving of the successful reality show, live fights and voting on the reality show and the ability to show their product on a wide gamut of FOX’s channels are all the kinds of things that will pay off dividends in a short time and elevate the sport.

Zuffa and the UFC have already made millionaires of certain athletes. Chuck Lidell, Randy Couture, Matt Hughes and certain others are already mainstream stars and well off financially.  The difference maker here hopefully will be an elevation of compensation as a whole.

I was ranting recently about Jason Reinhardt, and how he doesnt deserve to be in the UFC.  Maybe he doesnt, but really no one should climb into the Octagon for a lousy $6000 bucks either.  Not even Reinhardt.  When you consider that the average income in the NBA is easily over $1,000,000, it is something to aim for.  And now it is a lot closer to fruition.

And that is where Dana and the Zuffa folks deserve credit.  They never took their eye off the network TV prize.  even with the SPIKE deal lifting the sport into the first level of stratosphere, they never stopped working to keep going, to make it bigger to cut a bigger deal.

Remember when the biggest thing that happened in MMA was that Ken Shamrock went to the WWE and that Tank Abbott made a guest appearance on the TV show Friends?  Well, thanks to this deal with FOX, the bar has been raised yet again!


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