UFC on FOX – It’s Velasquez and Dos Santos!

UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez

So Dana White and the UFC made their big announcement today, giving us the main event for their November 12th debut on FOX network.  I guess there is nothing wrong with going with your heavyweight champion in Cain Velasquez, especially against a top contender like Junior dos Santos.

It’s a good fight, and I’m eager to see what we will be the other televised fight for the inaugural 1 hour event.  That might be a good spot for a Clay Guida, or a Melvin Guillard, lightweights to up the energy.

Going with heavyweights is always a little bit of a risk, because I do think it is the most boring weight division in the sport.  Cain has been good, but UFC President Dana White is on record with a fear of ring rust, and it will have been over a year since Velasquez fought after rotator cuff surgery.  But if we get the media and marketing machine that FOX and the UFC have talked about, then hyping your heavyweight champ is the way to go.

Velasquez however, is very mild mannered and quiet outside the ring.  Dos Santos will talk in english, but it is his second language.

So despite a lightweight fight hedging the UFC’s bet for an exciting fight, I’m still going to push for Brock Lesnar versus Alistair Overeem as the second fight.  If it has to be Lesnar versus Frank Mir I would still do it.

I know it is unlikely, but what it would do is it would set up the next opponent for Velasquez or Dos Santos, right in front of the new and massive audience they are hoping for on FOX.

Brock Lesnar is far from the best UFC fighter, but he is their most recognizable and famous fighter, and using him would be useful.  He understands the media and is willing to talk a little smack, something unlikely with Cain and Junior.  I watched a few Dos Santos interviews that occured prior to the Shane Carwin bout, and it was all ‘Shane is a dangerous fighter, I have to be careful’.  Brock brings a bit more of an edge, and optimally, so would the ‘Demolition Man’ Overeem.

The UFC will do a full card that day, but the FOX deal provides for one, two or if lucky 3 fights.  The Dustin Poirer and Pablo Garza bout also announced is firmly undercard material and we won’t see it on TV.   So here is to hoping that the UFC keeps up when announcing the second FOX bout, and really shows the depth of their roster.

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