UFC on Fox: Velasquez vs. Dos Santos Betting Preview, Analysis and $10k Contest

UFC Contest 10k in prizesUFC on Fox: Velasquez vs. Dos Santos is a long awaited event for many, many reasons. It marks what will be the first of many UFC events on the Fox Network and the Heavyweight title will be on the line. It will also give us a sneak preview of some strategies Frankie Edgar’s next challenger might use as the winner of Clay Guida vs. Ben Henderson will be fighting for the Lightweight Title.

For you MMA betting buffs, this gives you a great opportunity to cash in not just at the BetDSI Sportsbook but with the UFC on Fox Free Handicapping Contest in which you can get a share of the $10,000 prize pool! 100 cash prizes will be awarded; players earn points for picking the correct winner, method, round and minute. To register mosey on over to UFCContest.com.

Without further adieu, let’s get to into a UFC on Fox betting analysis that should assist you in banking at BetDSI and the $10k handicapping contest:

Junior Dos Santos +140 vs. Cain Velasquez -170

Cain comes into this fight as the favorite for good reason as he holds the Heavyweight belt and is undefeated. What’s more, only 1 of his 9 fights has gone to decision. Although Cain has never defended his title, he is the betting and fan favorite to win this match. Velasquez is most likely the stronger of the two and the heavier puncher, but that does not necessarily give him the stand up striking advantage.

Dos Santos is a very serious threat to Velasquez as he may have the advantage in boxing, kicking and on the ground. Cain has zero wins via submission while JDS has 3. Can Cain’s NCAA Division I wrestling skills defend against Junior’s Brown Belt BJJ takedowns? That’s the major question as if Cain gets taken down he will be at a serious disadvantage.

No doubt Cain will be training to defend against BJJ submissions from JDS. According to FightMetric.com stats, 75% of Junior’s take downs are successful while Cain successfully defends 88% of takedowns. Stat wise, Cain also land more strikes per minute, is more accurate in striking, defends strikes better and gets hit less.

This will be a tough pick; JDS is the more all around fighter but Cain is well rounded as well. Although Cain has no submission wins he still attempts submissions and looks comfortable enough on the floor. Keep this in mind when making your pick.

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