UFC on Fuel TV 2 Preview: Dennis Siver vs Diego Nunes

UFC on Fuel TV 2 Preview: Dennis Siver vs Diego NunesDennis Siver versus Diego “The Gun” Nunes, although an undercard match, has all the qualities of a main event fight. Both are dynamic kickboxing with Purple Belts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Siver also boasts a Black Belt in Taekwondo and has ended 2 fights with his signature spinning back kick to the body. Nunes, more of a Muay Thai kick boxer, also boasts an assortment of dangerous strikes such as flying knees, spinning round house kicks, spinning backhands and more.

Dennis Siver, ranked the #8 lightweight fighter by MMAWeekly, has moved down to featherweight after losing to Donald Cerrone via rear naked choke. He is without question one of the most exciting fighters to watch as he mixes his striking up very nicely and shows great offensive submission skills. He has 9 wins via submission and 5 by knockout. The two things he has over Nunes is cleaner, more technical boxing and a more powerful spinning back kick.

Diego Nunes never disappoints in putting on a good show. Some of his go-to moves are axe kicks and jump kicks, techniques we don’t usually get to see in MMA. As he is a Muay Thai fighter, he should be able to deliver more effective knees and elbows from the clinch as he has demonstrated in many of his other fights.  If he has done his research, then he should know that Siver is susceptible to uppercuts and knees as he has a habit of fighting with his head low while striking.

Both fighters have won 4 out of 6 of their last fights. Although Nunes is the one coming off a win, it’s Siver who had racked up more finishes and fight bonus awards. Nunes will be fighting at more of a natural weight while Siver had to cut 10lbs, we will have to wait and see if this will be a disadvantage to Siver.

If I had to call this fight right now I would give it to Siver. He is more aggressive and a better finisher. Siver also has an amateur kickboxing background so that will also help in avoiding some of Diego’s lethal leg, body and head kicks. I also see Siver having the advantage on the floor as ge has more submission wins and looks comfortable on his back. Nunes on the other hand hasn’t pulled off a submission since 2008.

This is a must-see fight. Tune in to Fuel TV on April 14th at 6pm ET to catch all the fireworks!

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