UFC on FX 5 – Bigfoot Takes Out Travis Browne!

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Jubilation! Antonio 'Bigfoot' Silva was able to impose his game on Travis Browne, handing the big Hawaiin his first MMA defeat.

Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva came through as a more than 2 to 1 underdog last night at the UFC on FX 5 event held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, as he took out previously unbeaten Travis Browne with a massive punch.  Browne was already on shaky ground, as he came out a bit wild and looked to have suffered a leg injury that had him back pedaling.  Nevertheless, ‘Bigfoot’ notches an impressive win at a time in his career where he really needed it.

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Kudos to Antonio Silva, as he deserves credit for getting the job done early and efficiently.  He has fallen from grace as of late, as he was coming off two losses in a row, but let’s put them in perspective.  His last three matches were against Daniel Cormier, Cain Velasquez and Fedor Emelianenko.  All were top 5 in the world at the time of their matches.  Travis Browne is not close to any of those guys in terms of talent, so this was ‘Bigfoot’s chance to take on a guy he should be favored against.

Travis Browne is still a guy they should keep on the roster, but at 246 lbs for this fight, he is not a massive heavyweight.  A few matches more will be needed for Browne.  An interesting note, Browne appears to lack intensity , maybe he is too laid back.  Granted that is funny to say for a guy who has a lot of stops with his fists, but his body language seemed a step behind as Silva used a lot of tension to create energy.

I would like to see Browne take on another recent casualty, Stipe Miocic.  Both are bangers and both are medium sized heavyweights.  It would be an entertaining fight.

For Antonio Silva, I would like to see the UFC continue to add to their depth in the division, and it would be better if it wasnt Brock Lesnar.

All the talk about STRIKEFORCE surrounds Daniel Cormier, and no one is talking about Josh Barnett, who is no longer needed for the STRIKEFORCE cards.  Josh Barnett should be in the UFC, and a match with Antonio Silva would be a perfect icebreaker.


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