UFC on Super Bowl Weekend Adds Jose Aldo versus Frankie Edgar…

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Jose Aldo has been on a winning streak that is now 6 and a half years long. He faces potentially his toughest test in Frankie Edgar.

The UFC has announced their main event for the February Super Bowl Weekend event UFC 156.  Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo will defend his title against former Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar in match that had to be rescheduled due to an injury to Aldo’s foot.  The bout was originally slated for UFC 153, so the fight has been in the public eye for a long time.  It will be interesting to see where the odds makers come in when setting a line for this match now that it is rescheduled.  Aldo was coming in as roughly a 2 to 1 favorite the first time the books posted the fight.  It will likely be around the same, but let’s take another look at the fight…

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The extra preparation time almost certainly helps Frankie Edgar more than it does Aldo.    Aldo, who hurt his foot in a motorcycle accident, has had to heal his injury and also perhaps baby and rehab the foot.

Meanwhile, Edgar has had time to refine his game plan, and to execute it.  Now he ca take a break and come back for a six to eight week training camp in December to further advance what he wants to do.

And Edgar’s game plan will be much the same as it has been in his past title fights at 155, with some specific refinements for Aldo’s style.   Edgar has an unorthodox, weave in and out boxing style that allows him to pressure his opponents or keep them at bay.  Aldo uses kicks, knees and aggression more than Benson Henderson or Gray Maynard, Edgar’s most recent opponents.  It is in preparing for this that Edgar will benefit from the extra time.

The fight will also take place in Las Vegas now, and that venue has seen it’s fair share of shaky judges decisions.   This one is likely going to the cards, so factor that in when laying out some money.

To me, this is a pick ‘em fight.  If Edgar comes in at 2 to 1 again when the books re-open the line, I am all over it!

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