UFC Please Keep Bringing Jason Reinhardt Back!

After 15 years of watching MMA, and being a part of the business, it is incredibly hard for me to make fun of a fighter and his efforts, but there are times where it just has to be done.  I was surprised and a bit alarmed to see Jason Reinhardt in the UFC.

Even more shocking was that he in some way managed to get into the second round this last time out, since he had managed about 3 minutes total in his other fights.  The UFC paid him $6000, a boatload to the guy who in the midwest of the USA, an area with one of the most robust smaller production pedigrees in the world, is known as having the most padded record in the area.  The $6k would have been better spent on Dennis Hallman ‘Training Mask’ shorts that could be sold on the website.

This guy is a joke.  It can only be hoped that Dana White and Joe Silva feel an obligation to ruin the record of a guy who padded it more than a 13 year old girl pads her bras.  The UFC should keep bringing him back and continue adding losses, because at 20-3, someone still might confuse him for someone who knows how to fight.

This is a guy who has been fighting since January of 2000, in the midwest.  He did a few fights for Extreme Challenge, the longest running groupin the area, and both times the opponents were novices that had never won a fight.  He managed to avoid ever competing for Milwaukee’s FCC, Madison’s Madtown Throwdown, Indiana’s HOOKnSHOOT and many other serious productions in the area as he worked his record to 18-0.

Most of his opponents were 0-0 or 0-1 when he fought them, with no really elite guys on his resume.  One guys is 22-15 and once fought Urijah Faber, the best record is another guy at 13-3.

Watch his ‘documentary’ on YOUTUBE.  It is clear the training partners and fighters around him are laughing at him, that none take him seriously.

How this guy warrants 3 appearances in the UFC is beyond me, but to Dana White and Zuffa $6000 isnt all that much.  And maybe they are wise beyond our understanding.  Let’s bring him in 20 times, it is important for the sport that this guy have a 20-20 record, we dont want to be like boxing with their incredibly faked, canned records.

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