UFC President Dana White Shines Light On Lightheavyweight Division!

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Brandon Vera can pose pretty all he wants, he does not deserve a title shot.

I can picture it now.  Dana White is at the airport, and his ears are ringing a bit, he is having an episode with his disease.  Along comes Brandon Vera, and he carries the bags for Dana, and buys him a Cinna-Bun.  That is the only way I can see White offering a title shot to Vera with a win in his next fight.  Granted he is fighting Mauricio Rua, who is a top tier guy, and a win should carry some weight, but a title shot?   After being the biggest disappointment in the UFC’s talent pool for the last few years?  Dana must really want ‘Shogun’ to win!

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The UFC is making a mistake by being stuck in their ways.  The argument goes both ways, I guess, but Bellator may have something by at times keeping their champions active without the title being on the line.

The bottom line is that Rua is a heavy favorite, at over 3 to 1 against Vera, but should Vera pull of the upset, this ignores Alexander Gustafsson, Lyoto Machida and other fighters at 205 lbs that would deserve a shot at Jon Jones more than Vera.

UFC President Dana White has to be confident in Rua winning, that can be the only real explanation.   A vera-Jones match is a joke.  Or is he crazy like a FOX?

Jones is going to be hard to get contenders for, and everyone at this point really looks not ready (like Gustafsson) or is a recycle.  Maybe this lights a huge fire under vera’s ass, and he comes in finally ready to meet the potential he flashed as a heavyweight.  Vera, if on top of his game, is a closer physical matchup to Jon Jones than most of the rest of the roster.

But, like I said, I would like to see the UFC take a page out of the book of Bellator and send Jones into a non title fight against a credible free agent that they bring in.  Right now that fighter is Gegard Mousasi.




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