UFC Rio: Silva vs Okami Predictions with Fight Video Analysis

ufc rio silva vs okami live in fight bettingI am going to breakdown this Saturdays UFC Rio’s match between Anderson “The Spider” Silva vs Yushin “Thunder” Okami by analyzing past fight videos as a source in making my predictions. Some of the videos are posted below:


Rumble on the Rock 8 – Anderson Silva vs Yushin Okami




This video is over 5 years old and each fighter has grown better, bigger and stronger. By watching this video we get a better idea of how much each fighter has evolved.


Silva, although grounded, was never in any real danger and did not get injured while on the floor. Silva lost this match via DQ because of the lethal upkick that all but KO’d Okami. Yushin knew he was losing the stand up battle so he kept attempting takedowns and finally got one. He was able to get the takedown by surprising Silva by rushing in, making Silva think that Yushin was going to stand up and box, then he switched to takedown mode quick enough that Silva couldn’t counter.


UFC 122 – Yushin Okami vs Nate Marquardt


Yushin won this match by a unanimous win that many feel should have gone to Marquardt. He couldn’t finish Marquardt but Silva did by TKO in only 1 round at UFC 73 in a title defense. Silva was also able to finish off 2 opponents that Okami lost to: Chael Sonnen and Rich Franklin.


UFC 126: Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort




Most people gave Vitor the credit of being a real threat against Silva coming into this fight. Although Silva came away from the fight with only a few scratches, Vitor showed enough speed and aggressiveness that makes us wonder how the fight would have went if Silva didn’t land that front kick so early in the first round. With Silva previously coming off a win over Chael Sonnen and then having dismantled Vitor “The Phenom” so quickly, makes me wonder if anyone in his weight class can dethrone the UFC Middleweight Champion.


Final Analysis and Prediction: Will “Thunder” strike down “The Spider?” Highly unlikely. In my opinion Chael Sonnen and Vitor Belfort were better contenders. Seeing how they failed and considering that Silva has beaten two fighters high on the totem pole that Okami couldn’t, makes me seriously doubt that Yushin has what it takes to topple this giant. The MMA oddsmakers over at the BetDSI Sportsbook are in agreement with me as they have Yushin Okami as the underdog at +365 and Anderson Silva as the favorite at -515 in their UFC 134 Betting Lines.


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