UFC Senior Mgmt Dress Up At Home Day 2

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Rumors have Dana White looking to accessorize with the Dennis Hallman speedo's he wears. Foto from the MaxiMaravilloso blogspot.

The UFC returns to the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 29th with a revamped but still strong UFC 137.  As I pointed out in an earlier blog, this is a slow week for the UFC.  With Halloween right around the corner, it was a perfect time for President Dana White and matchmaker Joe Silva to work from home, and we know what that means – dressup time!

(For a look at my previous blog, check it out here http://blog.betdsi.com/dana-and-the-hallman-shorts-2/).

Dana is reportedly working on adding to the Hallman shorts outfit he loves so much.   He is reportedly working on a Prince Poppycock like makeup and wig job, and he will also be wearing wooden clothes pins on his nipples.

But we all know Dana is a workaholic, so surely he is working the phone lines to resolve UFC issues as well.   With that said, I have three questions that I would like to hear Dana speak publically on.

#1 Will the UFC ever work with Josh Barnett again?

Josh is a former UFC Heavyweight Champion, but was stripped of the belt after failing steroid tests, a problem that has repeated itself afterwards.  However he is in the finals of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix, and win or lose that tournament he remains one of the top heavyweights in the world.

Additionally, Josh is not an easy negotiation, and Dana has had little patience with prima donna type behavior.  Josh does pro wrestling as well in Japan, and will likely look to keep that gig, something the UFC may be loathe to do.   So Dana, the question is, does Josh have a chance or is he off your radar?

#2 What happens if BJ Penn beats Nick Diaz at UFC 137?

The recent injury to Georges St Pierre will delay his title fight with Carlos Condit that was scheduled for UFC 137.  This elevates the match between BJ Penn and Nick Diaz to main event status.

As we all know, Diaz was to face GSP in a title fight, but lost the shot when he no showed several press conferences.  Now the bout with Penn is assumed to be a contender match, so what if Penn wins?  I don’t think anyone on the planet wants to see Penn versus GSP 3.  Better think of something!

#3 When will we see Sonnen versus Silva 2?

Chael Sonnen called it the most anticipated rematch in UFC history, and he may be right.  Sonnen was dominant in his return match, even showing some new positioning and a submission, things we had not seen from him that often.

And there really is no one else out there on the horizon for Silva.  So what is taking so long to announce the bout?  December 30th, or the first card of January 2012?  Come on Dana, let’s make it happen.

It is the end of the day, and all agree Dana looks divine in his new makeup job and the Hallman Speedo’s he loves so much.  He picks up the phone and calls UFC matchmaker Joe Silva for his last call of the day.

Silva is standing backwards in front of a full length mirror looking over his shoulder at his own behind.

“Joe, what are you wearing?” whispers White…

Joe responds “I don’t know if I like it, my butt looks a little saggy.  I’m in Arianny’s shorts and halter top from the last UFC…..”

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